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RUV Medical.

RUV Medical Services is a medical consultancy and referral company With a vivid goal of ensuring that each patient is referred to the best medical facility available within Turkey. Over the years we have grown our size, focus and impact. We now have partnerships with a wide range of medical facilities country wide that care for our clients in cities such as Gaziantep, Istanbul, Ankara , Izmir etc.

In our 5 + years of referring our clients from all over the world, we’ve established ourselves as a company that cares. We have survived and thrived by providing the optimal referral to the best facility possible, service and care, delivered with compassion and integrity. RUV medical is your best companion from the moment you arrange your trip until you return to your country, as it serves as a bridge to connect its clients who prefer Turkey for medical tourism with expert and experienced healthcare specialists.

Our Services

·         Visa application for the patient and their care takers

·         Hotel bookings and Hotel transfer

·         Transportation with in Turkey and Airport transfer

·         Translation services.

·         Any other additional requests from our clients .




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